Global economic recovery is busy nonstop production mold manufacturer

Hits: 384     Date: 2019-03-06
Mold manufacturing production has always been the highlight, according to statistics, automotive, electronics, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, home appliances and communication products, 60% to 85% of the parts are required by molding. With the recovery to pick up the economic environment, the United States is like spring breeze was blowing mold manufacturing industry thriving. Business continues to expand and grow, develop industry steadily. U.S. mold manufacturers (AMBA) Association in the summer of 2011 conducted a industry outlook survey showed that: 78% of respondents said that compared to the beginning of today's enterprise business conditions as "good" or "preferences." For the next three months the company predicted, the majority of respondents are optimistic, which means "a steady increase" situation and operating results of the company "remains unchanged," the company accounted for 38% and 47%, respectively. It also reflects the current from the side of the mold manufacturing industry Dorsa.
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